3 Month Nutritional Therapy Programme

3 Month Nutritional Therapy Programme


This is perfect for anyone who needs more long term support or wants to work up to a detox in their third month.

By detox, I mean pulling toxins out of the body that have accumulated over the years and are causing you problems. This is not a month of drinking smoothies, or going on retreat. It’s tough and months one and two lay the ground work for this.

Month one is to support the systems and implement some habit changes. This may be lifestyle factors, adding foods into your diet or supplements that target specific body systems which are struggling.

Month two is all about getting nutrition levels to optimum to start a detox in month three. This can be a combination of diet, supplements and lifestyle factors.

All these changes are personalised to your and your bodies needs.

The programme also includes email support, access to high quality and with dose supplements, access to client discounts.

If you are unsure about which programme is most suited to you, please get in touch to discuss.

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